Mark Douglass
Beginner-Intermediate Hoop Isolations – 1 Hoop Isolation Variations – Perfecting Isolation Slides – Intro to 2 Hoop Isolations Hoops, Poi, and Staff: Inspirations and Combinations – Hoop Moves Inspired by Poi Tricks – Hoop Moves Inspired by Staff Tricks – Combining Hoops with Poi, and Combining Hoops with Staff
Jane Fondle
80’s DANCE WORKSHOP Before hash-tagging, lol and selfies existed, there was Cyndi Lauper, Prince and WHAM! Take the passion and make it happen; step back to a time when all things glittered in this 80’s dance workshop led by Jane Fondle and Punky Hoopster of Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks. Pull up your legwarmers, tease your hair and don’t forget your glitter. Prior dancing in your lounge room to your favourite 80’s songs is recommended though not a pre-requisite. So pop on your best g-tard and successories and let’s push it real good. BEND IT, STRETCH IT, WERQ IT. Unwind for the day and stretch out those hoop muscles with fitness enthusiast Jane Fondle. She knows how to make stretching fun so don’t be a square and do your own stretches or go have a lie down, get your buttocks to Fondle’s stretch class!
Mat Kohey
Isolation’s and body awareness part 1 In this workshop we will cover, your body in relation to the isolation. Playing and exploring our body movements and how we can enhance our isolation by using something that isn’t a hoop…. YOUR BODY During this workshop. we will cover: inside, outside isolation’s, folds, and linear movement. Isolation’s and Body awareness part 2 **** find your flow***** In this workshop we begin with a recap from our last workshop. But kick it up a notch by adding 2 hoops learn the figure 8 Isolation pattern, folds, snaps, chucks and drops Iso extension drills.
Jewelz A Hoopz
TWOOPING Workshop Take 2 hoops, “Twins”, as they are called in the hooptionary! And put them in a Hoop Workshop and you get TWOOPs! So I’m SUPER TWOOPER excited to be exploring TWOOPS with you at HH this year! Not to be mistaken with one of Urban Dictionaries meanings of tweeting whilst pooping and like my definition it could get to number 1. In this workshop we will explore turning 1hoop tricks into Twoop tricks. Getting in, getting out, finding a flow and I’ll also be bringing back my extra special favourite tricks that I will be learning at Emma Kenna’s TWEEK (Twin hoop week) Intensive in Bali in June 2015. So grab you TWOOPS & jump in the air with me and see where we land!
Heidi Hoops
Throw your hoops in the air – Hoop Tossing
Get your hoop, throw it in the air, catch it. Sound simple right?!  Once you’ve got the basic move, try different patterns, grab more hoops, then grab a friend and before you know it your juggling. Its easier than you think and its even better with friends! You can add tossing to many other tricks to add height and excitement to your routines. Hoop Tossing is a simple, spectacular addition to any solo or duo or multiple hoop act and a great way to add variety to your hula hooping or just have some fun with your friends.