Hoopy Happenings is held in the stunning Heathcote National Park. An easy drive or train ride from Sydney.

Full Address:

Heathcote Scout Camp, 2 Freeman Rd, Heathcote NSW 2233, Australia

Scroll past the map for more travel information 🙂


Heathcote is 38.6kms from Sydney CBD – about 46mins by car; or about 54 mins on the Illawarra train line.

Heathcote Scouts Camp is 500m from the train station & borders the bush. The sunsets are amazing 🙂

Traveling by train? You will need an Opal Card in Sydney

It is most fun to car pool or travel together by train. We encourage you to use the Hoopy Happenings event page on Facebook to organise your travel adventures together.

Plan your trip with Transport NSW or you can download an app called Trip Go 

See you there!