Instructors 2017

Gail O'Brien

Gail O’Brien has taught and performed in a global capacity for the last 8 years. Winning Instructor of the year awards from and Flow arts Institute in 2015 and performing at many international festivals, corporate events and cabarets.

Gail has trained at Greentop Circus School, Belfast Circus School and with top level professional teachers around the world. She is a dynamic contemporary hoop performer. She uses her background in physiotherapy to break down movement patterns giving her a unique edge in teaching workshops and classes.


PLUS Gail will be teaching the 2 EXTRA HH workshops that will run on the Monday afternoon after HH has concluded

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Jane Fondle

Boss Lady of Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks, Jane Fondle is all about getting physical. Starting out as a star in her parent’s lounge room, she then took it to the streets at age 7, surprising her neighbours by busking at their doorstep, singing and dancing “We built this city on rock and roll”. The outer suburbs of Melbourne just weren’t ready for this singing/dancing entrepreneur. As a teenager Fondle finally found an outlet for dancing onstage in a fabulous costume and became a National Aerobics champion. She then moved on to become the world Twister champion (true story!). Disaster struck when a bad g-tard incident in a fit of Flashdancing victory left her unable to walk for some time (story slightly embellished).

Once rehabilitated she discovered hula hooping as a great way to work out in her lounge room while fleeing from societal shame. After 13 years of hooping she’s feeling at peace with a movement medium based on thrusting the hips. Fondle has developed her own hooping style, combining 80’s dance, aerobics, comedy and hula hooping. She now travels the world, learning from the best and teaching at international hula hoop retreats but always returns home to her beloved Melbourne where she loves choreographing, training, creating,
performing and most of all teaching students of all levels the fine arts of hula hooping and expressive 80’s dance….. and not once in her 20 years of teaching has she turned her back on her g-tard!


After the amazing success of the 2016 80s Choree, Jane Fondle is back with more.

We’re gonna with a snazzy lil’ hoop dance choreography to a super hot tune.  There’s nothing like the excitement of moving in synch and in step-touch with a big group of awesome and sexy hoopers. Learn all the hottest ways to pose with your hoop and frame
your ass-ets while dancing expressively to a super hot track. So many photo and video opportunities guys!! Instagram is going to explode.

Additional Information:
Dress to impress: lycra, glitter, sequins.
Prize for BEST DRESSED (not taken from Fondle’s costume collection – Must be your own costume!)

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Helly Hoops

Nominated for Australian Hooper of the Year, Helly Hoops is a quad-hooping powerhouse with a focus on musicality, technique and flow. She’s returning to Hoopy Happenings 2017 to share new tricks, combos and two-hoops-one-hand work.



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Hooping Harlot

The word harlot is often used for a promiscuous woman but this hooping honey has fine tuned the meaning of harlotry. With a flick of the wrist, and a perfect gymnast salute Hooping Harlet is a spinning stripper that brings all the tantalising harlotry that her name suggests.

Allow her undulating torso to guide your eyes to the hoops that surround her hips. Hooping Harlet is a chameleon of eras that beguiles with smouldering flames behind her eyes and lights up any stage.

The Hooping Harlet is the current Miss Burlesque NSW and Miss Burlesque Australia – Entertainer of the Year



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Alice Robinson

Alice teaches a range of disciplines, and performs to audiences of a wide range of ages and backgrounds. She combines hoop dance, physical theatre, contact improv, circus, clown, fire performing and dance improvisation to create her unique approach to performance making and teaching. As an experienced dance/movement improvisor,  and a creative arts therapist,  Alice brings a sense of experimentation, play and discovery to her relationship with the hoop. She encourages her students to develop ways of approaching their own relationships with hooping, to discover their own interests, styles, characters and stories.


Beginning with the body, and exploring the bodies movement vocabulary, we can then invite the hoop in as an object, a dance partner or an extension of the body.  Through exploration of ways we relate to the hoop, we can open up and expand our movement possibilities with the hoop. Exploring the space between, and beyond the body/hoop duet.