Instructors 2018

Miss Hoopdidoo - Los Angeles, USA

Amanda Lee aka Miss Hoopdidoo, is a Southern California based performance flow artist with an extensive background in dance and movement theory. 

Her diverse set of skills include single and multi-hoop LED performances, spinning fire, improvisational acting/character work and stilt walking.  

Amanda has provided entertainment for festivals throughout America such as Oregon Eclipse Gathering, Imagine Music Festival, One Love Music Festival and EDC Las Vegas and internationally at EDC Mexico. 

Beyond her endeavors in the performance world, Amanda’s true passion lies with teaching the art of flow.  She is an international hoop instructor who has found her niche in blending hoop tech, dance theory and body awareness. Her intention is to challenge and inspire her students to express themselves creatively and authentically. 

Miss Hoopdidoo will be teaching 4 x 1.5hr workshops during the main event PLUS 2 x 2hr Master Classes on the Monday.

Workshops TBA

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Dances With Circles - Rachel Sullivan - USA now AUSTRALIA

From over the moon and under the sun I am dances with circles a hoop artist with a passion for dance and lack of pants! I am ecstatic to be debuting my brand new trick dance fusion workshop at Hoopy Happenings this year!

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Helly Hoops - Melbourne, Australia

Helen War, also known as Helly Hoops, is a professional hoopdancer based in Melbourne, Australia.

A hoopdance based on the love of flow. Musicality. Listening. A captivating dancer bringing great energy and power to the stage. Cultivated over years of practice, years of exploring.

Currently in her second year of teaching beginner and intermediate courses for Hoop Sparx, she was selected to be on the 2015 Hoop Troupe and performed onstage at Electric Forest Festival in the US, then Earthcore and Subsonic music festivals. Most recently she performed at Tanglewood festival for New Year’s Eve 2017.

She was a roving performer at Psyfari festival in NSW, Australia; and went on to England to perform and teach workshops at Southwest Hoop convention. With over 250,000 views on her Facebook page videos, this glitch hooper throws down unlike any other, tossing hoops into fingertip balances and defining a unique, eye-catching, smooth, memorable show.



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Robin Godfrey - Tasmania, Australia

Robin Godfrey is Senior Trainer for Slipstream Circus, and Circus Studio, Tasmania. She joined Slipstream Circus in 2011 with specialties of Aerial Arts, Acrobalance and Dance. She also teaches for Diamond Dance Studio, and Barefeet Dance, a Contemporary Dance Class for North Western Tasmanians.

Since 1999, she has toured dance-in-education shows to all states, from capital cities to remote communities through School Performance Tours.

Robin teaches and performs Aerial Silks, Aerial Rope, Doubles Trapeze, Adagio (Acrobalance), Dance and Hula Hoops.

Robin will be bringing to you her love of ballet & hoops in her new workshop:  “HOOP Me at the BARRE”

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Check out the multi-talented Robin in her Off Balance Tour 2017
Willow Wyld aka Lisa - Sydney, Australia

Willow Wyld aka Lisa has been spinning around for over 10years.  She loves creating characters and having fun in the hoop. She also loves a good hoop drill and will help you get focused to improve your on body moves.




Jewelz A Hoopz - Sydney, Australia

Boss Lady at Hoopy Happenings!

Jewelz will be arriving back from Europe on the 16th October after attending SWHOOP in Bristol, UK, and Get The Ring in Switzerland. 

She will be overflowing with new moves and grooves and will be putting her favourites together in a great combo of moves to teach you in her workshop that she likes to call “LICORICE ALLSORTS”

And if you’re lucky there will be some Licorice Allsorts to eat too!




Jewelz Showreel